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A journey in time, space and sound in this concert of music and spoken word by women encompassing nine centuries - from medieval times to today. From an obscure hilltop monastery in the eleventh-century Rhineland to an urban dwelling in modern Manhattan. From pastoral landscapes in Vermont, Germany and Sweden to the hallowed halls of Harvard, Yale, Princeton and Juilliard. From the visionary sacred to expressive reflection to show-stopping virtuosity.

11 of these women have composed operas, symphonies, ballets, chamber music, solo works, concertos, musical theater, oratorios, masses, choirs, jazz film and electronic music. Performed in places like Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, halls in London, Argentina, Russia, Norway. They win awards, conduct, perform, coach, write, mother, administer, revolutionize. They’ve broken ceilings and rules everywhere. One is even a saint. The 12th of these women is going to perform selections of their music for solo piano accompanied by spoken word. For you.

This program is inspired by and made possible in part by a grant from New York Women Composers.